Experience Health Care that Cares about You

Saving You Money, One Bill at a Time

With health care costs continuing to climb, it’s hard to find quality health care that doesn’t break your budget. With Solidarity Healthshare, we keep medical bills low by negotiating your medical bills for you. We use a standard system based on Medicare reimbursement rates that ensures providers are paid fairly and your bills are as low as they can be.

Our Member Care Team is on Your Side

The health care system is difficult to navigate. That’s why our Member Care team is here to answer any questions you and your family have. Want to know about seeing a new doctor? We can help navigate the process of talking to a new provider about Solidarity so they understand how bills are paid. Need to check if a procedure is eligible for sharing? No problem. Need spiritual support through a tough time? We love praying with and for our members.

See the Doctors You Want to See

No more checking to see if your favorite doctor is “in-network”. With Solidarity Healthshare, there is no “network” which means you get to see any healthcare provider that you want to see. Even naturopathic and alternative medicine practitioners are eligible for sharing at Solidarity. We know the fastest way to getting healthy is seeing the right doctor for you.

Stay True to Your Conscience

Have you ever been concerned that your health care dollars don’t line up with your values? Solidarity Healthshare conforms to the moral guidelines of the Catholic Church so you never pay for anything that violates your conscience.