How We Keep Costs Down

Our Effective Cost Control Steps

We examine costs upfront
By putting you, the self-pay patient, in charge of your care, unnecessary costs and procedures are eliminated. After all — it’s your money! You review the treatment you receive, and you approve the costs. Plus, we have a team of professionals that will advocate for you throughout your medical incident to manage your care efficiently and effectively.

We share in actual costs, not projections
We are not insurance and therefore do not engage in actuarial projections. We do not try and predict mathematically the expected medical costs of our members. We are a nonprofit and our job is to keep costs down. We share in the actual costs incurred by our members. Our members live healthy lifestyles, and their costs are typically less. We understand that life and physical health are precious gifts entrusted to us by God and that we must take reasonable care of them (CCC, 2288), therefore we emphasize a lifestyle of wellness, health and prevention. Health conscious people have fewer bills, lower costs and much more rapid recoveries.