How It Works

Our Process is Simple. There are seven steps:


1. Contribute

Everyone’s monthly “Share” is placed in their ShareBox until it is matched to another member’s eligible bills.


2. Visit Your Doctor

Show your member ID when you experience medical costs.


3. Doctors Submit

Your doctor sends bills electronically to Solidarity HealthShare.


4. We Process

Solidarity HealthShare receives and processes your bills for discounts and sharing eligibility.


5. We All Share

Members contribute from their ShareBox to your secure online ShareBox account.


6. Payment

Solidarity HealthShare pays the shareable amount of medical bills to your healthcare providers.


7. Confirmation

You and your doctor will receive an explanation of sharing to confirm payment.

Cost-Sharing Made Easy

With our advanced bill pay system, members pay for each other’s expenses by sending their monthly share directly to an assigned member’s ShareBox. Multiple members do the same, and funds are allocated to pay the bills.

Solidarity HealthShare provides you with an approved way to know with whom you are sharing. This way you can message them with private prayers, support and goodwill, should you choose. It also helps to humanize the process and show that we’re all committed to human solidarity and the welfare of each individual.

Total Transparency

Imagine a healthcare solution that makes it possible to know that your costs will remain low, you know where your money is going, you make your own healthcare decisions, and you can choose any doctor or hospital you wish.

This is a reality with Solidarity HealthShare. We back up these claims with an easy enrollment process; a transparent, secure, online payment system; and a process to bring fellow Catholics together in a community of support.