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Preserve The Freedom Of Making Your Own Healthcare Choices

Here is your opportunity to join a community of health-conscious Americans who practice time-tested principles Catholics and other like-minded Christians have been observing for decades about their healthcare. Solidarity HealthShare exists specifically for those individuals who either purchase healthcare for themselves and their family, or for those who control their own healthcare. Solidarity HealthShare is not insurance. It simply unites like-minded Christians to share medical costs together and to be “reconciled to one another” (Matthew 5:21) in solidarity.

In this way, families all over America “practice the sharing of material and spiritual goods” (CCC, 1948) through the health sharing ministry of Solidarity HealthShare. Members of Solidarity HealthShare contribute their Monthly Share Amount towards the medical costs of other members, offer prayers and notes of encouragement and promote a system of “human and Christian brotherhood.” (CCC, 1939)


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At a time when many Catholics and other people of faith face challenges in making the best healthcare decisions for themselves and their families, Solidarity HealthShare can provide critical assistance to navigate options that are available. Bishop Thomas Olmsted

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